About Paluwa

Paluwa Trading Pvt. Ltd. is a social business that directly links consumers with the agriculture producers in rural areas.

Rural farmers are mostly engaged in subsistence farming and do not have the capacity or volume to take their products directly to the market. They rely on middlemen to extend their reach, which is a great service, but not if it exploits farmers, results in poorer grade produce, higher prices, and limits innovation in the value chain. The multiple layers of middlemen has distorted the market monopolizing access to produce, demanding below market prices, employing unfair practices like withholding payment, and often insuring farmers are in enough debt to lock in next years supply.

By the time the products reach your household the source and quality of the products are untraceable. The farmers have little incentive to adopt organic farming or improve quality. Syndicated middlemen don’t care what you eat! Current practices limit the farmers’ ability to invest in a healthy harvest, and your ability to choose food that enables a healthy life.

Paluwa works with rural farmers and their member agriculture cooperatives to strengthen the value chain. We create value that producers and consumers both benefit from. We offer buy-back guarantees, assist farmers to improve quality with better market prices, encourage better farming practices, support linkages to financial intermediaries – and most allow you to understand where your food comes from. We foster market led initiatives across stakeholders that can result in a robust agriculture value chain.

The products that are available at Paluwa Store Fronts – virtual or physical – ranges from Natural, Organically Practiced to Organic Certified. Natural products are those that have been exposed to pesticides but under thresholds and harvested only after the residues are worn off. We deem it as quality the farmer himself consumes and feeds his family.

Organically Practiced implies compost fertilizers and no pesticides. Whereas Organic Certified are the ones certified by third party.  

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Healthy Harvest, Healthy Life!